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Landkit is where your team can come together to get stuff done. Chat, files, wikis, documentation, and more.



Communicate with your team in public or private chats with individuals or groups.



Keep everything in one place and feel at peace and organized rather than scattered.



Keep track of what's happening in your company from a centralized dashboard.



Control who has access to which projects and data through our control panel.

Pay it down

Earn revenue while enjoying a vacation.

Anytime you leave your home vacant, you're wasting potential earnings! Rent it out for an hour or a day at a time.


Sign up

It takes a few minutes to add your information and home's photos.


List your homes

Let us know where your homes are located and when they're available.


Start welcoming guests

Get ready for an influx of guests and easy passive income.

Lo que nuestros clientes dicen de nosotros

Para nosotros cada cliente es único e importante. Compartimos la misma misión, hacer que las webs de nuestros clientes obtengan mejores resultados.

Uses Landkit to keep their remote teams from around the world in sync.

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Uses Landkit to document their processes for acquiring shows.

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Uses Landkit to share their brand assets across their teams.

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Uses Landkit to plan their product development with engineering.

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Uses Landkit to share financial projections with their investors.

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Uses Landkit to plan their priorities for the company quarterly and annually.

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Rich dashboards keep your entire company in sync.

Visualizing all your company's data and commication in one place helps reveal opportunities and expose trouble areas. Stop cobbling together spreadsheets, charts, graphs, CSVs, emails, and documents.

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